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Our firm has many years of experience in the area, having represented dozens of clients, amongst them sports and media personalities, including Loni Herzikovich, chairman and owner of Maccabi Tel Aviv, Mr. Meir Shamir, Yitzchak Perry - chairman of Maccabi Rishon Le-Zion,  the "Anda" Ramat Hasharon basketball team, the late Uri Porat, who had served as director-general of the Broadcasting Authority, Michael Karpin and many others. In addition, our firm has acted for many clients from local government, including amongst others Yael German - the Mayor of Herzliya, Yehuda Ben Hemo - the Mayor of Kfar Saba, Rina Paz - the Deputy Mayor of Kfar Saba, Eyal Yonian - of the Kfar Saba City Council.


Our firm is responsible for several of the most important judgments that have been given in the field of defamation law, chief amongst them the judgment in a case in which we represented the basketball player Shimon Amsalem in a claim against the "Ha'ir" newspaper (and in which he was awarded damages of NIS 150,000). Another important judgment in which our firm played a part related to a defamation action in which we represented Loni Herzikovich, chairman and owner of Maccabi Tel Aviv, in a claim against the "Ha'ir" newspaper. In that case the District Court ordered the "Ha'ir" newspaper to pay NIS 570,000. The District Court's judgment was later overuled by the Supreme Court in one of the most controversial rulings in the field of defamation law. 

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