Our practice is among Israel's leading firms in bankruptcy and is considered the office dealing with the largest, most complex bankruptcy cases in Israel. As such, Adv. Eitan Erez was the trustee in bankruptcy of hotelier Haim Shiff, Adv. Yehiel Garbash and businessman Nisim Degeldeti.Today our firm handles, among others, the largest bankruptcy cases in Israel: Nick Levene (in England & Israel) with debts of approx. 80 million GBP, Eran Mizrahi known in the media as "The Israeli Madoff from Savyon" with debts exceeding 50 million N.I.S., the businessman Israel Kroyz with debt of approx. 50 million NIS, Mrs. Rachel Sayag-Sofer and Eli Reifman, a debtor with approx. 200 million NIS in debt.In addition, our firm specializes in the field of liquidations and winding up of companies and was involved until today in hundreds of liquidation cases, among them some of the largest in Israel such as: Abraham Gindi construction company liquidation, Vayer Air Sea Moving, Klarin Tiberias Construction Company, Sivan Jewelry, Picanti Food Industries, Baranowitz construction company, Bon-Mart fashion outlets, Easy chemicals, Kelet Afikim plywood 

factory, Shelev transport co-operative, Kav Lahayim non profit organization, Kidum insurance company, Shaar Efrayim settlement, 015 telecom firm – Hilat and others.Usually theses are complicated cases requiring creative thinking, extensive activity, reliability and professionalism.Our office has vast experience in representing creditors, shareholders, directors and corporations in liquidations. We specialize, inter alia, in creditor representation [seeking to disolve a company, partners of liquidation or seeking to recover debts], director and shareholder representation [seeking liquidation or defending against attempts to create personal liability towards them of company debts] and in representing the companies in liquidation [objecting liquidation proceedings, proof of being solvent, creditor arrangements etc.]In light of our reputation and high credibility, the courts in many occasions appoint Adv. Eitan Erez and/or Adv. Yoav Ben-Porat as special managers, trustees, liquidators or temporary liquidators in complex insolvency cases. During his career, advocate Eitan Erez has built 1,000 apartments and managed numerous businesses with thousands employees.

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