An Attorney  and a Gentelman


A book by Adv. Eitan Erez


The book is intended for attorneys, both young and old, and for law students, interns and anyone that is interested in the world of law. The author, Adv. Eitan Erez, who was born in 1955, recounts the fascinating story of his life and his childhood in Iran, where he lived with his parents in the 1960s, and also sets out his views on how to succeed as an attorney while remaining a decent human being. In the book, the author describes the major and complex cases that he has handled in his long career, including cases that have shocked Israel, such as the suicide of the building contractor Avraham Gindi, Shimon Amsalem’s case against the newspaper, the collapse of the Kalat Afikim plant, sports broadcasts on Channel 5+, the businessman Eli Raifman, the Eran Mizrachi case (the Israeli Madoff), and many more. The author also describes public campaigns that he conducted against Bank Leumi writing off the debts of Nochi Dankner, and against corruption in the Kiryat Ono Municipality. The book addresses issues that are not studied in law faculties, such as how an attorney should market himself, how a case should be priced and how a law firm should be managed. The author explains to the student and intern how to study correctly, how to choose a place for internship and when to open an independent firm. Young attorneys can find in this book many practical tips that will help them considerably when preparing cross-examinations, drafting interrogatories or preparing an appeal. The book also contains ideas for improving the legal system in Israel and reducing the burdens on it.

Adv. Ram Caspi: ‘For all persons wishing to engage and develop in the profession, the book is an excellent guide for the perplexed and a first-rate manual.’

Price of the book:  79 NIS, softback (not including postage).

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