Adv. Eitan Erez


 Graduate of the Faculty of Law, Tel-Aviv University [1980].


Member of the Israel Bar since November 1981.


Has considerable experience and expertise in the following fields of law: civil litigation, corporate restructuring and liquidation, receiverships, bankruptcies, real estate, defamation cases, inheritance.


Adv. Erez has managed dozens of plants and businesses as an administrator appointed by the courts or State institutions. These plants had thousands of employees. , Adv. Erez managed the Bon-Mart fashion chain, Hakoah Maccabi Ramat Gan soccer club, the Kalat Plywood plant in Afikim, Vayer Air Sea Moving, Shelev Transport Cooperative, Yardeni Locks, the Aslam company, etc.


Adv. Erez specializes particularly in the management and restructuring of construction companies. , he constructed 300 apartments in his capacity as liquidator of the Avraham Gindi Construction Company [together with Adv. Bergerson] and is the receiver of the large construction company Baranowitz. He also completed the construction of 256 vacation apartments in the King Towers project in Tiberias.


Adv. Erez is also the liquidator-administrator [reconstructor] of the village of Sha’ar Efraim, which has approximately 2,000 inhabitants, where he facilitated the completion of 100 residential units.


Adv. Erez has appeared thousands of times in the various courts, including hundreds of appearances in the Supreme Court, and there are dozens of precedents in which he was involved in the field of liquidations, defamation and sports law.


Adv. Erez served as vice-president of the Israel Bar Association between 2007 and 2015, and is greatly involved in public work.


What are the characteristics that are needed to be a really good attorney (according to Eitan Erez)? 1. A general education (Judaism, history, languages, philosophy); 2. Decency; 3. Legal knowledge; 4. An excellent memory; 5. Cross-examination skills; 6. Quick thinking; 7. Determination; 8. Good presentation; 9. Good interpersonal relationships; 10. Public relations; 11. Speaking skills (rhetoric).


Author of the book (How to Succeed as an Attorney and Remain a Decent Human Being), 2013, Globes Publishing. A second edition was published in 2014 by Contento de Semrik.


Adv. Eitan Erez is joint chairman of the Anti-Fraud Forum of INSOL-Europe.