Ati Avrahami Erez​


·       Holds an undergraduate degree in law from Tel Aviv university in 2002.

·      Works in Eitan Erez & Co since 2011.

·      Member of the Israel Bar Association since the year 2003.

·      Advocate Avrahami-Erez was born in Teheran, Iran in 1971 and immigrated to Israel in 1991.

·      She holds a bachelor degree in modern Middle Eastern history (B.A.) and a bachelor degree in Islamic studies (B.A.) from the University of Tel-Aviv.

·      She previously worked for three years at the Middle Eastern History Research Institute.

·      Advocate Avrahami-Erez served her apprenticeship with the law firm Marcus Mendel, Hershkovich before continuing her career as an attorney working for  Avocate Moshe Keshet, one of the most senior and experienced lawyers in Israel. 

·      During her work with Advocate Keshet, Advocate Avrahami-Erez thoroughly learned the fundamentals of civil procedure and litigation and also edited and assisted Advocate Keshet in writing two editions of his book "Procedural rights and procedure in civil litigation".

·      During the years 2007-2009 Advocate Avrahami-Erez worked as a senior attorney in a leading  firm in Tel Aviv, where she handeled real estate transactions and dealt with family law issues.

·      Languages: Hebrew, English, Persian, Arabic