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The Inheritance Law-1965, regulates inheritance matters with respect to Israeli citizens, i.e., the will that a person can leave behind him at his death, and insofar as there is no valid will, who the statutory heirs are, according to the levels of priority provided in the Inheritance Law. The Inheritance Law regulates additional matters regarding the management of a person’s property after his death, including who can and cannot inherit from another person, the form and types of will, estate administration, exceptional cases, and so on.


Both before and after obtaining an inheritance order or a probate order, it is possible to apply to the Registrar of Inheritance or the Family Court to appoint an administrator of an estate. The role of the administrator of an estate is to collect the estate’s assets, pay the estate’s debts and distribute the balance of the estate to the heirs. The testator may give instructions in a will regarding the appointment and identity of an administrator of the estate. Both the estate administrator and the heirs can reach an agreement between the heirs, and within the framework of such an inheritance agreement it is possible to determine the method of dividing the estate even in a manner that is different from what is provided in the inheritance order or the will.


Our firm handles all relevant matters in this field, including the drafting of wills, obtaining inheritance orders, obtaining probate orders, and particularly the administration of estates and the handling of complex cases that involve a large amount of property, agricultural plots, commercial and industrial properties and companies.


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